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1st Season Thoughts on She Hulk Attorney at Law

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There is a lot to like about She-Hulk Attorney at Law as it came to a close in its first season.   Seeing Charlie Cox back as Matt Murdock/ Daredevil was great! I got to hear some of the legalspeak I hoped to have heard more in this show.   I also like the chemistry between Tatiana Maslany’s and Charlie Cox’s  characters.  Mark Linn-Baker as Jennifer’s Dad – always a delight, especially when he talks about water pressure after squirting the news media outside his home.

I feel amused a few times in the show rather than laughing at the jokes.   Nor did I especially like Todd, but given the final first season episode and Jenn telling K.E.V.I.N. her demands, nicely of course,  in the end I hope Todd does not come back.  Nor did I especially like the appearance of Bruce/ Smart Hulk’s surprise guest at the family picnic gathering and the whole Wong/Blonsky relationship.   Perhaps Stephen Strange rubbed off on Wong  in a few of the wrong ways?

Still, I think the show really picked up for me the moment Matt Murdock appeared again.  If She-Hulk gets a second season, I hope he keeps popping up.   If not, I will be patient for the rebooted Dare Devil show. Oh, and no replay of the walk of shame that was not necessary.

First Season Thoughts on She Hulk Attorney at Law
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