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A Review of the Never Game by Jeffrey Deaver

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Colton Shaw is a “reward seeker”, someone who travels across the country helping the police and private citizens locate missing people.  

His latest case has him aiding a father to locate his daughter who went missing while riding her bike. It feels like a simple case. However, before long, another person goes missing in similar circumstances.   Soon, Colton is drawn into a dangerous situation where the kidnappers force their victim into becoming a survivalist just like in a popular video game. Yet instead of their character being able to come back to life like they would in a game, they instead face the real chance of dying for good. Can Colton help the police stop the mad person or will they be able to succeed in their twisted game?

This new character by author Jeffrey Deaver intrigues me and I look forward to getting to know Colton Shaw more. He is different from Lincoln Rhyme, who is both scientific and able to solve complex puzzles.  Instead, Colton relies on survivalist training, training in fighting and weaponry, plus a strong education, to make him succeed in his work as a reward seeker. I like this mix when it comes to this main character and the story of this book.

Review of The Never Game by Jeffrey Deaver
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