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A Tale of Online Dating: (Part 3)

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1234 is not getting my attention lately because of how much effort I am giving to the agency courses I am taking. It intrigues me what goes into forming an insurance agency. It includes figuring out who to hire and the criteria, the instruction manuals for day-to-day operations, putting instructions to paper on how to quote and analysis for the different lines of insurance, as well as the types of coverages an agency needs to protect the business and employees plus much more. I want to make my Dad’s dream of seeing this agency grow so we can serve our clients with more lines of business.

What is taxing me is doing the agent training too. By the end of the day, after my homework, all I want to do is lie on the couch and watch Forge in Fire on Netflix and then play a little Raid the Shadow Legend before falling into a deep sleep.

Every other day I feel like I am behind. However, I have to keep going toward the dream coming to life. The effort will pay off, and in a year or two, My Dad can stop coming into the office as often as he does and instead learn to be retired at 78 or 79.

Yes, my Dad still works because he saw how bored his parents got after they left their jobs. However, he recognizes he cannot keep this pace and will eventually have to retire fully. First, though I need to push ahead with these courses, I feel I can handle and catch up with the workload; and when I have done these two things, I can be on 1234 more.

Right now, I only log on if I get a message from a guy calling himself EasyGoingIntrovert. We exchange messages once or twice a week, but so far, we are never on 1234 long enough to have more substantive conversations. Yet we remain patient and willing to hold out for that day. He and I do have a few similarities. We are family-oriented, like car shows, crime documentaries on Netflix, and reading historical fiction – mainly founding father stuff and different war eras in our county’s history. Our differences are in our jobs. He is in accounting, I am in sales, and he is a father, whereas I am childless. There is more to learn about each other, but it will take continued patience before we both have more time to message each other. If we can get to that point and hold it, then phone calls could happen; time will tell.

A Tale of Online Dating Part 3
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