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Ruminate Central: The Volt Charger Pack Blues

My Chevy Volt Image taken on my Iphone

The charger for my hybrid car is driving me batty.   For the last couple months I have not been able to charge my car at home.  My car is a hybrid meaning it can run on a full electric charge with the battery or run on gasoline. 

  I had an electrician put in a separate circuit in the house from the main breaker for the car but it did not work for long.  So I had the dealership where I bought the car test the charger with the car in April and they told me it works as it should.    Then I got sick and it took me about a month to get back to the car.  I had the heater fixed before it got cooler.  The car needed a new heat pump otherwise no matter how high I raise the heat in the car it would keep blowing cold air. 

Fast forward to Thursday and I try to charge my car with the charger pack in my Dad’s garage to test the end going into an electric socket and the other end to my car.   I did not get past the electric socket. The charger light tripped from green to red in seconds. 

Yesterday I took the charger pack to work and only tested the end that plugs into a socket.   It kept tripping.   So I phoned the dealership and reported the issue and someone in the service department said since they have a record of the charger pack being good, they will have to re-test it to see if its bad in which case  it’s covered under warranty. I thought about it some more and chose test the charger pack here once more.  I plugged it in and about two hours later the light stayed green so I plugged in the car with the other end of the charger pack.  I will keep an eye on it and see what happens until I go to bed.  I plan to take it for one more test at the home of someone I know. 

This morning the charger pack appeared red and the car did not charge. So I took my car to the home of a person I know and the charger pack tripped right away. Now I feel there is no doubt about the charger being bad. It’s just I kick myself for not asking that the dealership re-test the charger at the same time they replaced the heat pump. Now I will have to call between now and late October (2nd appointment) to ask about a cancellation or I might cave and buy a new charger pack on my own.

The Volt Charger Pack Blues
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Marvel What If Episode Four: Dr. Strange (Spoilers)

Marvel What If Episode Four Trailer Courtesy of Screen Culture You Tube Channel

This episode explores what if Dr. Strange did not have his hands mangled in the car crash but tragically lost Christine. The pain of her loss makes Stephen travel the world and eventually, he learns magic from the Ancient one. He becomes proficient and fights many battles including defeating Dormammu as he did in the film.

Despite these successes, Stephen still desires to bring back Christine. One day while sitting in the sanctum sanctorum, he looks at the Eye of Agamotto, and Wong, who is standing nearby, reads Strange’s mind and says, “If he does that spell, he is doing something dangerous.”

Stephen does not listen and uses the Eye of Agamotto repeatedly to prevent Christine from dying, and he cannot do it. It makes him angry, and at that moment, the Ancient One visits him and tries to convince him that he needs to let Christine go. If Stephen went against time and brought her back from the dead, their universe will die. However, Stephen refuses to listen to the Ancient One and so he goes on a quest for more magical power so he can undo Christine’s death once and for all.

By the end of the episode, Stephen succeeds in bringing back Christine. However, the Ancient One’s prediction that he would also kill his universe occurs. Stephen spots the Watcher, who has observed his actions, and begs and pleads for the Watcher to spare everyone but him. The Watcher tells Stephen he cannot and will not intervene.

Wow! This episode is my second favorite episode T’Challa as Star-Lord. Yes, the Ancient One meant well trying to split Stephen in half (evil and good version) and hopes that the good Stephen could stop the other. I liked seeing this plays out even with the tragic ending. The way it all plays out is so so good.

Marvel’s What If Series Episode Four: Dr. Strange (Spoilers)
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Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Season 3 (Spoilers)

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Season 3 Trailer
courtesy of DreamWorks TV World channel on Youtube

In season three of Kipo Age of Wonderbeasts we find out Amelia’s background. She got into science through her father who wanted her and her brother to go into the field. His desire, to have them rid the world of mutates so Humans could be on top of all life again.

Both siblings do excel in their science courses and make their father proud. However, one day Amelia and her brother go above ground to get fresh mutate samples. They go separately and agree to meet later on. When the time comes to met up Amelia is stunned when she sees her brother get out of the car of two mutates. He tries to tell his sister that they have it all wrong about mutates but Amelia will not hear anything of it and shoots him with a crossbow dead. And when she returns above ground she tells everyone that the mutates killed her brother.

Now years later, Amelia still tries to eradicate mutates and she takes things even further in the last season when she develops her own serum to turn into one herself. Amelia also makes a cure which he wants one of her henchmen to give her once she defeats Kipo and her friends.

To get to this pivotal point it was a drag and what I did get shown Amelia felt lacking. However, the wrap up of the series did make up for most of this. Kipo and her friends succeed in their mission to unite mutates and humans, Scarlemange gets redemption, Wolf gets a dog family with pups, Benson and Troy open a restaurant and other goodies.

I do wish I could have learned if Kipo’s Mom figured out how to cure Yumyan Hammerpaw, the Billions siblings, Brad and a few others back to their mutate selves. Yet these are minor when thinking what this series has been to me fun and entertaining.

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Season 3 (Spoilers)
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Marvel’s What If Episode 2: T’Challa as Star Lord (Spoilers)

Marvel’s What If Episode 2 Trailer from Sir Marvel’s Youtube Page

As sad as it is to have lost Chadwick Boseman hearing his voice again in the Marvel What If Episode 2 felt good. And the story line we got with T’Challa is great! His turn as Star Lord is wonderful and this episode is a huge improvement over episode 1 by miles. I wish Marvel led with this instead of Captain Britain but they run the company not me so it is what it is.

Now to the episode details. The young T’Challa loves his land but he wants so much to explore beyond his realm. One day Yondu asks two of his crew to find Peter Quill, the son of a Celestial, he badly wants. Instead they bring him T’Challa who looks nothing like Peter Quill. However, Yondu does not make them bring the boy back to his kingdom, and instead convinces the boy he cannot be returned because his home land got ravaged.

Many years later T’Challa has done a lot for the galaxy. He helped to save Drax’s life and home from the Kree invasion, he manages to convince Thanos there are other ways to meet his goals, and all this while still going around the galaxy with the Ravagers taking from the rich and giving to the poor.

The latest heist is to take on the Collector and relieve him of some of the Embers of Genesis. This episode is loads of fun, very thrilling, and makes me grin from ear to ear. I sure hope the rest of the series has episodes like this and the first one with Captain Britain was just a blip.

Marvel’s What If Series Episode Two T’Challa is Star Lord (Spoilers)
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Marvel’s What If Series Episode One (Spoilers)

Marvel’s What If Series Official Trailer from Marvel Entertainment’s Youtube Channel

I saw the first episode of Marvel’s What If Series where Peggy Carter not Steve Rogers gets the super soldier serum. The switch occurs after Steve is shot at the same time a bomb goes off in a scientific room where the treatment will occur. Howard Stark tells all who are still alive that the machines will not function longer and that the treatment must happen now.

Peggy steps forward much to the chagrin of Colonel Flynn and goes through the treatment which is a success. However, Colonel Flynn refuses to accept Peggy as his super soldier but with Howard Starks help together they change Flynn’s mind. At the same time Steve recovers from being shot and he becomes Iron Man like with is own huge suite. The rest of the episode pretty much recaps Captain America: The First Avenger. There are a few minor changes including Bucky not getting captured and a giant octopus coming out of a portal that was not in The First Avenger movie.

This is a decent episode. I do not think it broke new ground . I wish Marvel chose boldness with this first episode and not make slight changes. I will post another review of this series after I see the second episode. Here is hoping its better.

Marvel’s What If Series Episode One (Spoilers)
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Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Season 2 (Spoilers)

Kip and the Age of Wodnerbeasts Season 2

In season two of Kipo and the Wonderbeasts, the thirteen-year-old and her friends solve the clues her father Lio left in various places above ground. Although they find him, Scarlemagne quickly captures Lio and uses his pheromones to enchant/enslave him so Lio uses his scientific skills to produce large quantities of them. Meanwhile, Kipo and her friends work on a plan to free Lio and the other humans under Scarlemagne’s control but first Kipo has to solve the strange things that happen to her.

A few of these strange things include a stronger sense of smell, her eyes changing to cat eyes to see in the dark, her arms getting gigantic cat-like. This gets solved when Kipo and the others find a journal hidden in the apartment complex where her parents used to live. In it she finds out her parents Lio and Song are scientists who were working to unravel the mystery of the mutates and to cure the world of them. However, they get a change of heart during their work and decide instead to have their child. This child will be a bridge between humans and mutates and so Lio and Song add mega jaguar DNA to their child’s DNA.

Yet Lio and Song choose not to tell their scientific partners which include Dr. Emilia who it turns out was the right thing to do. Dr. Emilia is hell-bent on not only finding what makes animals mutate and gain human abilities she also wants to “destroy” them through a cure. There is no middle ground with her.

Around the same time Song is pregnant with Kipo, she and Lio are working with a primate named Hugo would becomes Scarlemagne. Most of his behavior is anger toward Lio and Song for abandoning him soon after Kipo’s birth and why he feels he must conquer humans and mutate kind.

The world-building from season one keeps going in season two and gets even better. I also did not feel the series dragged in season two at all. I zipped through the season I could not get enough. Now I am into season three which is dragging a little which I hope stops as I want to see if Dr. Emilia can be stopped and if Kipo’s dream of humans and mutates getting along can happen.

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Season 2 (Spoilers)
Ruminate Central –: Christy’s Review
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The Mysterious Benedict Society Series (Spoilers)

Video Courtesy of the Disney Plus Youtube Channel

The Mysterious Benedict Society opens with a young boy named Reynie Muldoon, who is in foster care and an outsider. The boy loves to learn and reads books as well as languages too. Also, Reyie has the attention of tutor, Ms. Perumal. One day she sees an ad in the newspaper calling on kids to take a test for an opportunity to attend the prestigious Boatwright Academy.

Thousands of kids take a series of tests and only four kids including Reynie get through them. The others include George “Sticky” Washington (he has a photographic memory), Kate Wetherall (who carries a bucket full of tools), and Constance Contraire (a very stubborn, crafty, and intelligent young girl). However, instead of going to the Boatwright Academy, the four kids find out they have been recruited by a man named Mr. Benedict.

He is a very distinguished and intelligent man who is on a mission to stop the Emergency. The Emergency is a series of subliminal messages via television and radio that get sent to the masses. These messages make people do certain things like over buying food or getting blue berets.

Mr. Benedict figured out that these messages are coming from the Institute and he wants Reynie, Sticky, Kate, and Constance to go undercover there. He trains them in Morse Code and has the kids bond with one another before heading off to the Institute.

Reynie and Sticky do well in their classes and routinely rank high on the class message boards but Kate and Constance consistently get a risk of being kicked out of the Institute. Reynie and Sticky work hard to aid both girls to avoid this however they only succeed with Constance, not Kate. However, she gets saved from expulsion when Martha Crowe (the top pupil of the school) witnesses Kate’s talent at tetherball and convinces the school to let Kate stay.

It takes some more time but eventually Reynie and Sticky excel enough at the Institute that they get picked to be Messengers. This is a coveted role where a student goes to the Whisperer, the device the kids got told about by Mr. Benedict, and where Reynie and Sticky learn is indeed the device used to broadcast the Emergency. However, rather than the device producing the messages through programming, it is a Messenger who unknowingly produces them just by conversing with the Whisperer.

Around the same time, the kids learn the person heading the Institute is the twin brother of Mr. Benedict, L.D. Curtain who yearns to rule the world. He also holds a grudge against his brother for being adopted instead of him and then not coming back for him as he promised.

It took me until episode five to get into the show and feel interested in it. The setup of the characters, the dilemma, and so forth are explained piecemeal. I wish it had been faster and the explanations not given are too simplistic. Luckily by episode, five things pick up and the show plays much better. I am glad I hung in there and hope the show continues this pace to finish well.

The Mysterious Benedict Society
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Between Two Worlds: Scott’s Story Part 17

Lunch plate of spaghetti and meat sauce

 Image courtesy of Circe Denyer and
Lunch plate of spaghetti and meat sauce
Image courtesy of Circe Denyer and

Carla is in the breakroom at St. Joe’s cafeteria chewing a bite of an egg salad sandwich she has in one hand. With her other hand, she writes a report on Mel, Mr. Henderson’s friend. He brought him in just after midnight fearing, the worst. It turns out Mr. Henderson was right. Mel took a heavy pain medication with alcohol and reacted badly to the two things mixing.

Jessica figured it out when she found a bottle of hydrocodone prescribed by a local dentist in Mel’s coat. When Carla heard this, she was surprised any doctor would give a drunk like Mel heavy pain medication. Then Jessica said it did not belong to Mel but rather his wife before Carla opened his mouth and held his head back so Jessica could put a tube down Mel’s throat. Once complete, Mel had his stomach pumped.

Now he rests on a gurney with his wife, Rachel, at his side whose in tears. She mistakenly thought it was okay to let Mel take some of the pain medication she had leftover from dental surgery so the intense pain he experienced from having three teeth pulled would go down. However, despite her making him promise not to take a pill using alcohol, he would do that anyway. And between sobs, Rachel told her and Jessica that Mel would be in for one tough conversation. She has to find out if he will try to give up alcohol and get sober, or an event like this could happen again, and Mel could lose his life.

Both Jessica and Carla are not so sure Rachel can pull this off. They feel this because of their history treating Mel, but neither chose to dissuade her from trying.

Just as Carla signs her name and puts down the date on the finished report, she hears a clattering of metal pans and cursing. At first, she thinks someone in the cafeteria kitchen dropped them until she hears another person shout, “You idiot, how did you not see me with this pan spaghetti and meat sauce? Your glasses lenses are large enough you couldn’t have missed it!”

“I am not blind, and I am no idiot! I was working on fixing the damn dishwasher, so don’t you go blaming me for your mishap.

“I spoke to you. idiot!”

“There you go again, well bud, let’s wipe that hate right off your face!”

Uh oh, thinks Carla, and she rushes from her table believing a fistfight is about to start, and the blood will fly.

Christy’s Short Stories

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Special Announcement: Taking a leap in 2021

A few years ago, someone I know thought I should turn my blog site into a subscription site offering entertainment and book reviews, short stories, and more. However, I thought it was too much of a risk. This year with encouragement from additional people I know, I have chosen to find out if this idea will turn out well or fail. Please, click on the video to hear the details.

Thank you in advance,


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Between Two Worlds: Scott’s Story Part 16

Image courtesy of Circe Denyer and
Image courtesy of Circe Denyer and

Tyler wakes in his bed, sits up, and stretches his upper body toward the ceiling, clasping his hands together above his head. He then relaxes, pulls off the bed covers, moves his uncast left leg around to the side of the bed to dangle down before taking his cast leg in both hands to lift it so it can join his other leg. Tyler then stretched toward the left to grab his crutches that lean against the wall by his bed.  

Once each padded top is under his arms, Tyler pushes down on his crutches while at the same time lifting himself off of the bed. He thinks to himself about the call he got from Scott just before he went to bed. His brother told him he had to change counselors after Mike would not stop making false claims about Tyler.  

He said some nutty stuff Tyler! Including that you injure yourself during rugby to feel things, and that connects us in some weird way. I told him, you have yourself together, and he should let go of this line, but he never did, so I reported him. Wayne, the head of the center, understood and apologized for Mike crossing the line. I would have liked it if Mike had apologized instead of Wayne doing it for him. 

I try to keep myself together Scott, as you are well aware, our parents’ breakup was messy. I could have fallen down the rabbit hole as you did, yet somehow the counselors helped me avoid it. It was not easy. There were times my self-worth took a hit, and the depression socked me hard. I was tempted at parties to drink too much or be part of one of those drag races that took place off-campus. You know a taste of living dangerously. What is important now is you are catching up to me. Keep it up, Scott. I know you can make it.

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