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Sweet Tooth: A New Netflix Series Aval. to Stream

The new Netflix series, Sweet Tooth, takes inspiration from the limited comic book series drawn and created by Jeff Lemire and published by DC Comic’s Vertigo imprint. This version is much lighter in tone than the comic book series. It is a good thing too because we already have several shows like The Walking Dead and movies like Army of the Dead which fall into the dark apocalyptic world-class.

Yes, there are elements of danger and yes there is killing but it does not consume the eight episode first season. Instead we have a growing child who is full of curiosity, fun, has imagination galore, and who itches to know what is beyond the world his father and him inhabit. However, Gus’s father does not want his son to go beyond the fence near their home in the forst. He fears the bad men who make fires and harms kids like Gus who have animal characteristics.( In the boy’s case he has the ears and horns of a deer along with a strong sense of smell.)  So the two of them have to stay hidden.

Sadly Gus’s father becomes sick and dies leaving the boy on his own for a year. His lonely world gets broken when a new set of hunters find him.  However, someone comes to his rescue former football player Tommy Jeppard.

As the series goes on the two of them travel from Yellow Stone National Park where Gus and his father lived to Colorado where Gus hopes to find his mother Birdie, who he knows little about. Along their journey they meet a girl with the nickname Bear and the team of kids she leads in the name of protecting children like Gus.

When the focus is not directly on the boy it turns to Dr. Aditya Signh and his wife Rani to live in the suburbs or to Aimee and her daughter Wendy who live in a zoo. Their worlds  collide with Gus’s as the series reaches episodes seven and eight. I hope enough Netflix subscribers find this program and watch it so it gets a renewal. I want to see how a season two would go and if I will find it as charming as this first season.

Sweet Tooth: A New Netflix Series available to Stream
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Between Two Worlds: Scott’s Story Part 11

Intensive Care Unit
image courtesy of Gert Altmann and
Intensive Care Unit
image courtesy of Gert Altmann and

An older man with a thick-set body, piercing blue eyes, and wavy gray hair sits in a chair next to a hospital bed where his son lies in a coma. For more than a decade, the father arrives in the afternoon to talk to him.   

“An hour ago, I saw Molly graduate from eighth grade. I thought it silly to see her do so, I mean, the most important one is high school, but Lilly insisted because Molly got an academic achievement award. 

 Anyway, her class begins to walk across the wooden stage in the auditorium, and I swear they instantly did not look like kids anymore but teenagers. One little event, and wham! Nearly shed tears over it too. Lilly chuckled at me for fighting them too. She said I should not be such a tough guy. If only you saw what we did. I know you would have been proud of your daughter. She came a long way from her birth and fighting drug addiction to getting straight As.   

In high school, Molly will take a few honors classes just like you did at her age. I think she is on the right path. Too bad we could not keep you on it too. Your mother and I did tear into each other often. It did not take much the slightest of slights like arriving late to drop you off at her house or she bringing you to my house. The late child support payments, taking you out of counseling when you should have stayed in it. If we had let go of our anger, Scott, you might have sat with us today instead of lying here in this hospital bed hooked up to machines.”  

The older man pauses and takes a few deep breathes before continuing to talk. “Or maybe you would have spiraled downward anyway. I don’t know. What I do know is the doctor says for all the years you have been asleep, your body has healed a lot and is in good shape. All you need to do is wake up, Scott. The doctors say if you do not do so soon, you risk organ failure. Please, son, wake up.”

Dad, I wish I could tell you sure I will wake up right now. However, you know as well as I do, I never could admit my habit got the best of me. I kept thinking I need this drug or that drug to make me feel good about myself. And the few times I did stop the drugs and chose to go into rehab, I did not want to believe the counselor who told me I needed to take charge of myself. I had to change myself. I could not expect everything in my life that did not go the way I want to by magic to do so.  

Instead, I kept going back again and again to the drugs. I found Tammy to feed my habit as much as I fed her habit. Neither one of us realizing until one day she got wheeled into St. Joe’s to hear she was having a baby! My goodness, we hurt an innocent! We had no clue.  

Fast forward to now, and you and Mom are still hoping your prayers and sheer force of will can save me. Sorry, you cannot make me come back. I do not want to.  

A couple of hours after Scott’s Dad leaves, he keeps his promise only as he floats up to a tunnel and a bright light at the end of it he sees a figure in front of him that eerily looks familiar. He thinks to himself, “No way! Why would that guy be wearing my jeans jacket? Hey, bud, he says aloud, where did you get that jacket its mine?”

“Your jacket, says the person ahead of him as he turns around to face Scott and says, “This is my jacket.”

 At this moment, the shock hits them both. “What the heck, no way you can’t be me, and I can’t me you, ” the two say in unison.  

Yet there they stand to men with black hair, blue eyes, short noses, square chins, and a rail-thin frame, with scars and injection sites hidden by their clothes looking at one another. Once the shock does wear off, they talk, and a pact gets made. It seems a good deal. What could go wrong? One Scott gets to continue to the light, and the other Scott can go back for a second chance at life. A perfect ending.  

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Netflix Series: The Blackspace Season One

The Blackspace – image courtesy of

Students at Heritage High School have come together for two different commemoration ceremonies. During one of them, a few people enter wearing unicorn masks and immediately begin to shoot at those gathered. By the end of the rampage, four students are shot to death and many others injured.

Special Investigations detective Rami David gets a text alert as he gets ready to leave the eye doctor about the shooting.

Years ago he went to Heritage when it was known as Ben Gurion. During eleventh grade a few students beat him up and he lost an eye. This event marks him all these years later and contributes to his cold manner.

As the shooting ends, he and other officers enter the school and slowly go through the building to locate any further danger. Finding no more danger, paramedics get to work on the wounded living while the forensic team gathers evidence and handles the dead. Soon the officers find and capture four Palestinians on the roof of the school. Next, police officials tell the media that these are the main suspects. Yet nothing gets found to tie them to the deadly shooting, not the guns nor the unicorn masks worn by the killers. David tries to convince his commanding officer that they need to let their suspects go because no evidence exists linking them to the crime.

Instead, he believes a few students are behind the deadly attack. His commanding officer disagrees. So David decides to reveal his theory in an assembly with the students, school staff, and local politicians to force the release to the Palestinians. This gets David in hot water but not off the case. However, he must work with a youth investigator Morgan Schmuel.

The other storyline in season one is David and his wife Miri. She is pregnant with their first child. Miri looks forward to becoming a mom whereas David feels the opposite. He does not want to be a father and feels forced into fatherhood. Part of this feeling comes from the negative culture he grew up in when he was young.

And just like his younger days, the school cliques remain, and one of the worst ones is led by Tom who decides which students belong and which do not. Also, he has a mean streak where he does not hesitate to inflict physical harm on someone else.

I made it through an entire afternoon and evening. I found it tense, engaging, and dramatic. The show does have a few flaws yet I feel these are not enough to ruin it.

Netflix Series: The Blackspace Season One
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Between Two Worlds: Scott’s Story Part 10

Image courtesy of Jack Woodcock and
Image courtesy of Jack Woodcock and

Scott has the straps of his book bag in his right hand, lifts the bag, and loops it over his arm and onto his shoulder and part of his back. He then walks way out of the ER to the sliding doors leading to the parking lot. Once through the doors, he will wind his way around the parked cars to the left and down a short hill, taking him to Traders Park.

The park gets its name from the paintings on the low walls forming each of the four tennis courts. The painted depictions include carpenter, bricklayer, coach driver and, blacksmith. All these trades did exist back when his hometown came to be, but none are the heart of the town. This title belongs to the train station. Its trains have taken people across the state and up to New York for more than a century.

And it still holds on as the heart of Fanwood despite most people in town and others touching it, reaching their destination by cars over the train. So the ones who make use of the train station’s station outside of the ticket machine and trains are the homeless and addicts because they have bathrooms and old showers.

The train station workers do not like the messes some leave behind, but mostly they get left alone. It is not always the case in the trees behind various businesses when those too far gone mentally or from drugs live. And who will make their way out to raid the garbage containers for something to eat. The cops get called, and it’s either a few days in jail or a drive to a shelter.

For others like Scott, who barely holds onto an apartment with three buddies, the wooded area down a steep hill next to a bridge to the left of the train station is a place to hang out. The place where they can be around others without being seen with ease. Sure they can’t stay in the area for hours on end or even live in tents or inside of a giant cardboard box like a small number do because the cops will get called to clear them out. However, during certain times this area is safe to be.

cott plops down on the ground near a red-headed guy wearing a motor oil-stained red shirt and blue jeans who is smoking pot. His hands have motor oil that brings out the whirls and lines. Silently he takes the roach cigarette from his lips and offers it to Scott, who takes a few puffs then hands it back. The red-headed guy holds the roach cigarette between his right forefinger and thumb and says, “I heard you had a close call this morning.”

“Yeah… I should have stayed in Ocean City. I could have called Tyler instead of seeing him in person.”

“Hey, he is your brother. He has surgery, and you want to see him through it.”

“I could have called him. Instead, I choose to come home, and the nice reunion quickly has the daggers come out. My Mom, Ryan, Dad, and Lilly; yes, they have concern for Tyler, but boy did they get into it. How could you let him play rugby? His knee gets torn up, and he has to have surgery. Shame, on you Frank and Sheila, for not warning him about this sport. Geez, like Tyler is still a kid and not a nineteen-year-old. Then they turn to me and my supposed issues and the drugs. It got under my skin, and let them have it. I told them to butt out of our lives and let us live them. Poor choice of words. It led to an intervention of all things like I have a problem. I left before it was over and went to Jo’s apartment. Things got better for a few days. No family around, then I partied a bit hard yesterday that led to this morning.”

“Now that you are all better, you want to head back to Ocean City, but you need a little help.”

“Yes, I do not need not much $40 will do it.”

“I can float you the money, Scott. All I ask is you cut back on the degree you party for a while.”

“Why? So I pushed it a bit far. Yet here I am.”

“True, you are here.”

“I know you care. I will be okay. It’s just a phase that will be over soon. Look at you, got through your phase.”

“Yes, I did. I want to be just sure you have the chance to as well.”

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Stranger Things: My Thoughts on Season Three

Stranger Things image from

The last time I saw Stranger Things, Hooper left food in a box for Eleven hoping she would come out of hiding in the woods. I took my break waiting for season three and got happy last year when I saw a sneak peek of Hooper in Moscow. Until recently, I did not realize season four has not come out yet. Thankfully it may air later this year, so I took the opportunity to watch all of season three.

I do admit early on when Billy got taken over by the Mind Flayer I thought he got his just desserts. He treats Max like garbage, hits on women left and right, shags them, and only gets put in his place by his father who is no better than him. However, I did start to feel pity for him as Eleven got in his head and saw his past. His feelings for his Mom, surfing, the anger at his father for beating her and so much more. So that toward the end of season three I felt bad for Billy.
The things the Mind flayer got him to do and using the Demogorgon who takes over person after person to use as minions. Later these people melt and form a giant flesh spider-like monster with layers of sharp teeth and can create heads on each leg to attack whoever gets in its wake.
I like this season got broken up from the danger of the mind flayer, the Demogorgon, and the Russians by kids we have come to know from season one. Mike and Eleven have fallen for each other and drive Hooper up the wall with their kissing sessions. Next to get together are on and off again Lucas and Max. Also, Dustin met Susy during camp, and after camp ended, he keeps talking to her through the radio.

Older kids Karen and Mike’s older brother Will are in love while Steve strives to find a new girlfriend only to keep striking out. It likely does not help him wear a sailor’s uniform at his job scooping ice cream. Nor to have his co-worker Robin poke fun at him for his failure to catch the ladies.

The mix of teenage hormones and love did well to break up the dangerous and deadly aspects of the third season. I also think the show thus far keeps the same quality as the first two seasons. And I have a good feeling season four will be on par as well. Finger’s crossed.

Stranger Things: My Thoughts on Season Three
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Between Two Worlds: Scott’s Story Part 9

Image courtesy of K Whiteford and

Nearby Carla and Jessica’s last patient lies back on the gurney, looking up at the dotted panels. He turns his head at the sound of hurried footsteps and thumps to see his older brother Tyler making his way toward him on crutches with his friend Andy. The stern look tells him he is in for a chewing out. Then the big question why do you keep doing this to yourself and us? Three of us have moved on whereas, you remain stuck and on a self-destructive path. His next thought gets interrupted when his brother and Andy arrive at his side.

“Scott, you are darn lucky I found you and not Dad and Lilly! You have broken their hearts so many times with this crap! Just get your stuff together, get back into rehab, and do not return to the drugs. You hear me you have to make the life change right now, ” orders Tyler.

“I do not make you or anyone else call 911. It’s you guys that can’t let me go.”

“Do not start… what about Diane?”

“Diane and I have not tied the knot. She can live without me.”

“Scott, you jerk!”

“She can live without me. You can live without me. Our parents can live without me. The ones who do not let me are you guys. Why not do something different? Cut me off.”

“That will never happen. You know it.”

“Well, guess we will keep doing this over and over, shall we? Unless someone is too late next time. However, given my luck, there will always be someone checking on me and ready to swoop in to save me.”

“Why can’t you accept we care and love you. All we want is for you to feel the same.”

“Feel the same? I want to escape all of this, but you guys think I need rehab. It will magically fix my crap life. I have news for you Tyler, going into rehab only helps with the drugs. My life will still be crap without drugs.”

“We can help you feel otherwise if you let us.”

“Let you? Andy, stop being silent and jump in here. When was the last time my family acted as a family?”

“I am not getting involved in Scott,” says Andy. “I am just here because Tyler can’t drive.”

“Andy. You disappoint me,” says Scott as he closes his eyes. “Go both of you immediately. Do not send Dad, Lilly, Mom, or Neil to chat with me. It’s tiring going through this spiel.”

“Scott, says Tyler before changing his mind, have it your way. We wasted our time Andy, saving his sorry ass. Shame on us for caring. Let’s go.”

As he sees his brother leave angrier than when he came, Scott feels tears in his eyes. He blinks till they stop. It must be this way. When I get out of here, I will do what my family refuses to do. I will cut myself off from them. It is for the best.

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The Mitchells vs the Machines on Netflix

Mark Bowman (Eric Andre’) is the head of a tech company who made Pal a female voiced artificial intelligence program available on all hi tech cell phones. It acts as the most helpful electronic source of information and entertainment which he and the rest of the world depend on.

One day Mark decides to upgrade Pal and put it in the bodies of robots with faces like screens. In the process he crosses the original Pal who becomes very upset with her maker. She rewrites the programming of the robots and begins the robot apocalypse to trap and rid the planet of all humans. Her plan goes off effectively until her robot minions come face to face with the Mitchells.

Katie (Abbie Jacobson) and her father Rick (Danny McBride) began to clash with one another as she got older breaking the father-daughter bond they once had. And at the start of the film she is getting ready to head to California and film school. Only the day of her flight she comes to find out her parents chose to change her plans and now all of them will hit the road together.

When the family stops at a dinosaur attraction they come face to face with the Pal robots and are forced to come together to stop the robot apocalypse.

The Mitchell vs the Machines is funny, feel good, and action packed. I really had a blast watching the film and like an addition part in the credits where the viewer gets to see some of film team and actors in photos with their real families.

The Mitchells vs the Machines
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Between Two Worlds: Scott’s Story Part 8

Image courtesy of Paul Brennan and

Carla pulls the curtain surrounding Mr. Henderson open so she and Jessica can exit his area. The two of them carefully picked out and flushed with water tiny glass fragments and pus from the flesh wound over his ulna and elbow.

A couple of days ago, Mr. Henderson got into a drunken fight with his friend Mel, who mistakenly thought Henderson made fun of him. He threw a half-drunken bottle of beer at him, and amazingly, despite his drunkenness, Henderson caught the bottle. So Mel stormed up to and him with the beer bottle repeatedly.

Henderson made an effort to get away, but Mel kept coming at him with the bottle. As he kept being hit Henderson, raised his left arm with the inside curve close to the left side of his neck and face in case the bottle scattered.

The bottle did so just as Henderson thought but successfully a lot of the glass cutting him. However, Mel still steamed at him, got another glass bottle of beer, and went at Henderson again. It was pieces of the second bottle that got into his arm. Henderson later got a lot of glass out. However, tinier pieces got missed, and these pieces dug deeper into his flesh and caused a nasty infection.

Now the wound looks a whole lot better than it did, and his arm smells better too. “Remember, says Carla as she turns to face Mr. Henderson, remember to keep your wound in the open air. Do not remove your arm from the pillow Jessica gave you.”

“Why can’t I leave? My arm is better now you both got the glass and gunk out,” says Mr. Henderson.

“I am glad you feel better, but we can’t let you until the doctor takes another look at you. So until he does take it easy,” says Carla.

“I have to patch things up with Mel. Why can’t you bring the doctor here now?”

“We just got done cleaning you up. Just sit tight. We will make sure the doctor knows to come and see you when he is available.”

“You mean he is with someone else? Can’t the doctor take a second and see me?”

“No, I wish he could. As I said, the doctor will get to you as soon as he can.”

“Alright. I will wait.”

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Replacements: The Bad Batch Episode 3

The Batch travel by warp speed in their ship while Echo continues to make repairs while Tech works on a device to test and turn off their brain chips. Then suddenly the ship loses power and Tech orders the others to buckle in for a crash landing on a moon. While this happens Wrecker hits his head hard and complains about it for most of the remaining time in the episode.

Meantime Crosshair is given command of élite soldiers to complete the mission his old team did not complete. They land on Onderon and take out the rebels. However, one of the élites commands the others to not shoot the non-combatants and they agree except for Crosshair who shoots the soldier to make the point they must obey orders in their entirety. The remaining élite soldiers step into line and shoot the non-combatants. Back at base, Admiral Tarkin decides the clones will continue until the élite soldiers have enough training to take over for them.

Back on the moon, the batch fixes their ship however, an Ordo Moon Dragon steals the one part they need to fly their ship. Hunter and Omega go after the creature but Hunter goes down when his breathing mask gets knocked off. While he is out Omega takes his blaster and a flashlight and tracks the creature to its underground haven. She figures out that it likes the light of her flashlight so she tosses it to the creature to take its attention away from her so she can take back the crucial ship part.

The episode ends with Wrecker showing Omega the small space he created so she can have space for herself. The little girl is overjoyed and thanks Wrecker for his kind act. Soon afterward the Batch takes off in their ship to resume their journey.

This is a good episode that further develops the growing bond between the Batch and Omega. And also shows the Empire using peace to increase their power and strength by improving their soldiers and increasing their numbers. I have heard two theories that the hit Wrecker took to his head may cause his chip to activate and he turns on the others much like Crosshair did. I did have this thought but given how Wrecker seems when he shows Omega her space he may just have made a recovery. Or maybe the chip will slowly change him in which case Tech better have his device working asap. The answer may come in episode four or perhaps it will build slowly and come closer to the end of the first season at episode sixteen. Time will tell.

Replacements: The Bad Batch Episode 3
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Between Two Worlds: Scott’s Story Part 7

Image courtesy of Paul Brennan and

“Earth to Carla, earth to Carla time to come back from space,” says Jessica a fellow nurse jokingly.

Carla blinks breaking, the hypnotic spell from watching the male patient she helped treat. “How many times have Patrick or one of us brought him back from the brink? Ten, eleven times. Today he overdoses again, his brother calls 911, and Don brings him back in the ambulance yet again. Moments later, we roll his gurney into ER, and as you and I get a sense of his vitals, the patient appears ready to crash again when suddenly the patient sits up and throws up. Now an hour later, he’s looking in his open wallet. I should not find that interesting.”

Jessica moves the Styrofoam cup of hot coffee closer to Carla so she can smell it. “Drink this Jessica, and stop getting philosophical. It was not his time. No matter how hard that guy tries, we thwart his efforts to die. We did our job got him back to the land of the living. Whether he finally thanks us by stopping the drugs is doubtful.

Carla gives Jessica a nasty look as she takes the hot coffee. “His family does not want him gone.”

“I know they want him alive, but at the same time, I am sure they would like him to clean up his life. To live in the present and not stay stuck, unable to move forward. At least, that is what I overheard heard his brother say one time.”

“Maybe I talk to our patient try to find out more, maybe get him to break the cycle.”

“Carla, it’s not your job to be a drug counselor that’s Jake’s job. You came to this hospital to be a nurse trainee. You need to stick to that.”

“I hear you but something feels different this time, he is giving me the idea that today is different,” says Carla.

“Come on I am taking you with me to check on Mr. Henderson so drink the last of your coffee and let’s go,” Jessica orders.

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