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Baking Impossible: Season 1 on Netflix

Baking Impossible Season 1 video from Netflix’s Youtube Channel

Baking Impossible blends two things I like about baking the artistic, engineering, and baking except the engineering its taken up several notches. We are not talking about making a cake spin or to get smoke to come out of a cake dragon.

Instead the baker and engineer have to combine their skills and do critical thinking to make the their edible move through various tests and once complete the judges will taste the baker’s dessert. The judges include baking specialist Joanne Chang, baker and engineering expert Andrew Smyth, and astrophysicist Hakeem Oluseyi who together scrutinize the contestants work.

They look for the engineers and the bakers to work as a team, help each other in the kitchen, aid one another with testing, and then the execution. Some of the engineers and bakers really get into the concept of the show and this pays off but for others who do not gel it either leads to a wake up call and a save or elimination from the competition.

This show has lots of fun elements, its creative, and will not only make the kids smile but adults too.

Baking Impossible: Season 1 on Netflix
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