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Between Two Worlds: Scott’s Story Part 3

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“The prince swings the rope with the grappling hook at one end skyward toward the tower and the open window. He does not immediately lets the rope go until he believes the hook will grip so after five swings each a wider arch finally let’s go and just as he saw in his mind’s eye the hook makes it up to the open window and grips the ledge. The prince tugs twice to make sure its tight before moving back a few…

“Dad, will the prince’s boot heels slide against the brick tower?” asks Adam.

“Nope, he put metal grips on his boots to prevent that from happening,” says Scott.

“When?” asks Adam.

“Before he got ready to swing the rope,” says Scott.

“But you didn’t mention that last night,” says John who sits on Adam’s bed near his covered feet.

“Sorry bud I didn’t mean to forget that detail,” says Scott.

“That’s okay Dad, you mentioned it now,” says Adam.

“ The prince stops a moment and puts gloves on his hands to protect them from the friction of the rope then puts his left foot a few inches up, backs up a little then pulls back so the rope is taught then put his other foot on the tower wall and slowly inches his way up. After a few minutes the prince makes it to the open window and carefully makes his way into the tower. Leaving the hook and rope in place, the prince crouches down and waits for his eyes to adjust to darkness of the tower room. Once they do he looks around a large desk with scrolls on top, could one of these have the plans he is looking for? “

Just then there is a gentle knock on the door, Scott and the boys turn to it and see Carol standing in the doorway, “You will need to end the story here Honey, Jessica is already asleep and these two are still awake.”

“But Mom, the prince is about to steal the evil king’s plans,” says Adam.

Scott reads the time on the clock sitting on the bed’s mantle and says, “Your Mom is right you guys should have been asleep already. John go to your bed and Adam scoot down and pull up your covers so you can sleep.”

“Dad,” pleads John, can you quickly let the Prince find the right scroll?”

“No buddy it will have to wait,” says Scott.

“Rats,” says John.

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