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Between Two Worlds: Scott’s Story Part 5

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“Dad, asks John, now that the prince has the evil King’s plans, will that be enough to over throw him?”

“No, he will need at least three people who advise the King to confirm his plan to capture the other nations’ kingdoms,” says Scott.

“But the King wrote on the scroll,” says John.

“Actually the King told someone else what to write, he didn’t do so himself.”

“What do you mean the King didn’t write what is on the scroll?” asks John.

“It is the King’s plan but it is in a different person’s writing so it gives him deniability,” says Scott.

“What does that word mean?”

“It means the King can say what is written on the scroll is not true because he did not write on it and whoever really did is trying to harm his status.”

“Like calling someone a fibber?”

“Yes like calling someone a fibber.”

“So how will the Prince convince the King’s advisors to go against him so he can be overthrown?” asks Adam.

“He will talk to his most trusted advisors including his brother to figure out how to get their servant friend to be hired to work for the evil King. And once they can do this their servant friend will gain the confidence of others and hopefully convince them to choose to go against their King for the greater good of all the nations.”

“Hopefully it won’t take so long that the evil King starts his plan and finishes it,” says John.

“Oh I am sure it will happen faster than that, the King’s plan when it goes into effect will many months to finish. I am sure as this story goes on we will find the Prince will work as fast as he can and get this done in a month or two.”

“I sure hope so I’d hate to see the Prince’s father being forced to turn his kingdom over to the evil King,” says Adam.

“That would be terrible,” says Adam.

“Sure would be. Okay guys I have to get changed for work and you have school,” says Scott as he gets up from his chair at the living room table.

“Hope your day is good Dad,” says Adam

“Have a good day,” says John a second later.

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