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Between Two Worlds: Scott’s Story Part 7

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“Earth to Carla, earth to Carla time to come back from space,” says Jessica a fellow nurse jokingly.

Carla blinks breaking, the hypnotic spell from watching the male patient she helped treat. “How many times have Patrick or one of us brought him back from the brink? Ten, eleven times. Today he overdoses again, his brother calls 911, and Don brings him back in the ambulance yet again. Moments later, we roll his gurney into ER, and as you and I get a sense of his vitals, the patient appears ready to crash again when suddenly the patient sits up and throws up. Now an hour later, he’s looking in his open wallet. I should not find that interesting.”

Jessica moves the Styrofoam cup of hot coffee closer to Carla so she can smell it. “Drink this Jessica, and stop getting philosophical. It was not his time. No matter how hard that guy tries, we thwart his efforts to die. We did our job got him back to the land of the living. Whether he finally thanks us by stopping the drugs is doubtful.

Carla gives Jessica a nasty look as she takes the hot coffee. “His family does not want him gone.”

“I know they want him alive, but at the same time, I am sure they would like him to clean up his life. To live in the present and not stay stuck, unable to move forward. At least, that is what I overheard heard his brother say one time.”

“Maybe I talk to our patient try to find out more, maybe get him to break the cycle.”

“Carla, it’s not your job to be a drug counselor that’s Jake’s job. You came to this hospital to be a nurse trainee. You need to stick to that.”

“I hear you but something feels different this time, he is giving me the idea that today is different,” says Carla.

“Come on I am taking you with me to check on Mr. Henderson so drink the last of your coffee and let’s go,” Jessica orders.

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