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Between Two Worlds: Scott’s Story Part 8

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Carla pulls the curtain surrounding Mr. Henderson open so she and Jessica can exit his area. The two of them carefully picked out and flushed with water tiny glass fragments and pus from the flesh wound over his ulna and elbow.

A couple of days ago, Mr. Henderson got into a drunken fight with his friend Mel, who mistakenly thought Henderson made fun of him. He threw a half-drunken bottle of beer at him, and amazingly, despite his drunkenness, Henderson caught the bottle. So Mel stormed up to and him with the beer bottle repeatedly.

Henderson made an effort to get away, but Mel kept coming at him with the bottle. As he kept being hit Henderson, raised his left arm with the inside curve close to the left side of his neck and face in case the bottle scattered.

The bottle did so just as Henderson thought but successfully a lot of the glass cutting him. However, Mel still steamed at him, got another glass bottle of beer, and went at Henderson again. It was pieces of the second bottle that got into his arm. Henderson later got a lot of glass out. However, tinier pieces got missed, and these pieces dug deeper into his flesh and caused a nasty infection.

Now the wound looks a whole lot better than it did, and his arm smells better too. “Remember, says Carla as she turns to face Mr. Henderson, remember to keep your wound in the open air. Do not remove your arm from the pillow Jessica gave you.”

“Why can’t I leave? My arm is better now you both got the glass and gunk out,” says Mr. Henderson.

“I am glad you feel better, but we can’t let you until the doctor takes another look at you. So until he does take it easy,” says Carla.

“I have to patch things up with Mel. Why can’t you bring the doctor here now?”

“We just got done cleaning you up. Just sit tight. We will make sure the doctor knows to come and see you when he is available.”

“You mean he is with someone else? Can’t the doctor take a second and see me?”

“No, I wish he could. As I said, the doctor will get to you as soon as he can.”

“Alright. I will wait.”

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