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Between Two Worlds: Scott’s Story Part 9

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Nearby Carla and Jessica’s last patient lies back on the gurney, looking up at the dotted panels. He turns his head at the sound of hurried footsteps and thumps to see his older brother Tyler making his way toward him on crutches with his friend Andy. The stern look tells him he is in for a chewing out. Then the big question why do you keep doing this to yourself and us? Three of us have moved on whereas, you remain stuck and on a self-destructive path. His next thought gets interrupted when his brother and Andy arrive at his side.

“Scott, you are darn lucky I found you and not Dad and Lilly! You have broken their hearts so many times with this crap! Just get your stuff together, get back into rehab, and do not return to the drugs. You hear me you have to make the life change right now, ” orders Tyler.

“I do not make you or anyone else call 911. It’s you guys that can’t let me go.”

“Do not start… what about Diane?”

“Diane and I have not tied the knot. She can live without me.”

“Scott, you jerk!”

“She can live without me. You can live without me. Our parents can live without me. The ones who do not let me are you guys. Why not do something different? Cut me off.”

“That will never happen. You know it.”

“Well, guess we will keep doing this over and over, shall we? Unless someone is too late next time. However, given my luck, there will always be someone checking on me and ready to swoop in to save me.”

“Why can’t you accept we care and love you. All we want is for you to feel the same.”

“Feel the same? I want to escape all of this, but you guys think I need rehab. It will magically fix my crap life. I have news for you Tyler, going into rehab only helps with the drugs. My life will still be crap without drugs.”

“We can help you feel otherwise if you let us.”

“Let you? Andy, stop being silent and jump in here. When was the last time my family acted as a family?”

“I am not getting involved in Scott,” says Andy. “I am just here because Tyler can’t drive.”

“Andy. You disappoint me,” says Scott as he closes his eyes. “Go both of you immediately. Do not send Dad, Lilly, Mom, or Neil to chat with me. It’s tiring going through this spiel.”

“Scott, says Tyler before changing his mind, have it your way. We wasted our time Andy, saving his sorry ass. Shame on us for caring. Let’s go.”

As he sees his brother leave angrier than when he came, Scott feels tears in his eyes. He blinks till they stop. It must be this way. When I get out of here, I will do what my family refuses to do. I will cut myself off from them. It is for the best.

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