Rewind: The Addams Family & The Addams Family Value Movies

January 7th, 2023 by

I saw Wednesday and I thought, the show is missing something from it.  I chose to finally figure it out and rewatch The Addams Family and Addams Family Values movies that have been on Netflix since Wednesday premiered.   There is not enough macabre humor and its depictions in Wednesday.  Between both films,  I got...

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Get on Up: A 2014 film on the life of the Godfather of Soul, James Brown

March 29th, 2021 by

The 2014 film, Get on Up, takes an autobiographical look at the Godfather of Soul; James Brown starring Chadwick Boseman and directed by Tate Taylor.   Over the course of several years, I have seen documentaries on James Brown and several of his recorded concerts.   As a result, I think Chadwick nails Brown’s voice and his […]

Showtime: Penny Dreadful Entire S1

March 18th, 2021 by

I kept watching Showtime’s Penny Dreadful first season and the finale felt strong and did not disappoint. The major questions get an answer and the one story line left continues into the second and third (last season). Spoiler if you have not seen the show the story line that continues belongs to Vanessa. Sir Malcolm […]

The Heiress: Mandalorian Chapter 11

November 19th, 2020 by

In the episode the Heiress the Frog Lady reaches her destination and reunites with her husband. Next he lets Mando know how he can locate other Mandalorian. So while workers try to to make his ship able to fly again, he takes to an ocean vessel to head to the location told to him. However, […]

Review of Netflix Sci-fi Series 3 Body Problem

June 2nd, 2024 by

The new Netflix science fiction series Three Body Problem is engaging in its story telling and visually with CGI as it plays out over eight episodes.   The show is an adaptation of Liu Cixin’s three-book series of the same name and maybe a fourth by Baoshu, who wraps up the events of the previous […]

Review of Paramount+ show School Spirits

May 19th, 2024 by

High school student, Maddie Nears, does not have a perfect life. Her father died when she was young, and her mother continues to struggle with alcohol addiction.   More often than not, Maddie is the one pulling her mother together and taking care of her when Maddie wants her mother to have that role. On […]

Updated Review of Dead Boy Detectives- Netflix Series

April 28th, 2024 by

Edwin Payne and Charles Roland are  teenagers who have bonded as ghosts. They strive to help other ghosts find closure and be able to go with Death.  However, neither teen wants to go themselves.   They’d rather keep solving crimes on the ghostly plane until their next case involves a possessed human.  A female child’s […]

Review of Netflix’s The Beautiful Game

April 8th, 2024 by

Widower Mal (Bill Nighy) has a long career in football (soccer). For the last decade, he has been training a group of homeless men for the Homeless World Cup games. Only two of them are soccer players, Cal (Kit Young) and Kevin (Tom Vaughn Lawlor), until Mal sees Vinny (Micheal Ward) playing with a ball […]

Review of When Can We Go Back to America?

February 24th, 2024 by

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, over 120,000 Japanese Americans and Japanese citizens living legally in the United States were forced into interment camps.  Between prejudice and fears that the Japanese would infiltrate America, it was decided to intern residents for the long term.    Susan H. Kamei’s book When Can […]

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur on Disney+

February 17th, 2024 by

Recently I spotted Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur on Disney+.  Genuis 13-year-old Lunella Lafayette thinks the world of a missing female scientist. So much so, she gets her machine and other equipment and houses it below her family’s Lower East Side New York apartment building, where she slowly works on it and hopes to find […]

Review of the Audio Book: Be Useful – Seven Tools for Life

February 3rd, 2024 by

My friend Andrew keeps telling me how inspiring Arnold Schwarzenegger can be in his talks about life, his career and in business.   One day while on social media, I spotted the image of Schwarzenegger’s newest book, Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life.  I took a photo of the book on my I-phone and texted […]

Waging a Good War by Thomas E. Ricks

January 27th, 2024 by

Thomas E. Ricks writes in Waging a Good War, that the greatest victories by Black Americans were won by idealism, paying attention to recruiting, training, discipline, and organization, all of which are found in a military campaign. He also shares that Gandhian nonviolence was an active form of resistance against those the movement confronted.  Additionally, […]

Julian Bond’s A Time to Teach

January 13th, 2024 by

Recently I have read three or four books on the late John Lewis. I went back to the library to see if I could locate a book on another member of the Civil Rights movement. I read a book by the late Julian Bond titled Time to Teach.  It contains his lecture notes from several […]

Trouble Maker for Justice: The Story of Bayard Rustin, The Man Behind the March on Washington

January 3rd, 2024 by

Over the years, many of us have learned about key people in the Civil Rights Movement. They include Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, John Lewis, Ralph Abernathy, and Julian Bond among many others.  Lesser known are the people behind the scenes who helped these individuals in their work in the movement.   One such individual […]