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Dave Filoni – The Jedi: Mandalorian Ep 5 Season 2

Image of Ahsoka Tano from a Rolling Stone Magazine article by Allan Sepinwall

Dave Filoni writes and directs The Jedi, episode five in season two of the Mandalorian.

We got a view of Ahsoka Tano in The Heiress and here the viewer gets to see her as a bad-ass Jedi fighter.

I am familiar with Ahsoka Tano from two Youtubers I watch John Campea and Key Issues with Nick and Garrick. She took part in the Clone Wars and trained under Anakin Skywalker. The episode, Jedi. is the first time I really get to see in her in action except for video clips from Clone Wars.

I do appreciate another Star Wars character being brought to the show. However, I would like to hear more about this Jedi than you can find her here and she will answer your questions about the Child.

For instance, we learn about Grogu aka the Child. For years he got training from Jedi at Coruscant, a Jedi Temple, until someone hid him to prevent his death when Palpatine’s troops attacked. As a result of seeing his fellow Jedi die, Grogu keeps his show of his powers to a minimum out of fear he could be next.

Now why can’t a viewer get the same background for Ahsoka Tano or Bo Katan or the bad guy Grand Admiral Thrawn?’ Instead these characters in the Star Wars universe get very little introduction.

I know something about them but what about another viewer who does not? Why deprive them of getting to know this character, like Ahsoka Tano, when he or she shows up in the flesh.

Otherwise why should I care for this character the same way another viewer with deep knowledge of this character does?

Dave Filoni: The Jedi Episode 5, Season 2 of The Mandalorian
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