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Don’t Forget the Importance of Self-Care

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Not long ago, I chose to start taking one day a week to relax. For several months now I have been working long hours and it has worn on me. During the summer, I got another insurance license in a different branch from life and health.   After that, I took a month-long course on how to work an agency.

Once this came to an end, I dove into AHIP and got recertified to sell Medicare and Medicaid polices, then once that was done, the Annual Enrollment started.  At the same time, I began to juggle the duties of the new line of insurance as well. By the time Christmas Eve drew near, I felt drained.

My desire to make myself relax began soon after my birthday when my Dad gave me a gift card to Orchid Esthetics. I made an appointment and I went there for my first wax on both my lower legs.  Surpringly, I felt no pain and my legs felt baby soft.  I also got a mini facial that I decided I should do at home, so I bought similar products to what was used in the facial.  

The following week, I chose to get my hair cut as my next opportunity to relax.  I thought I would stop here. However, despite taking four days off from Dec 24-28th and then from December 31 to January 2nd, the reviving I felt slipped quickly.  My work hours did not change as much as I hoped.

After my Dad went to Texas for vacation, he did not return to work long before catching the flu.  I also hoped a new employee would start at the office. However, she had a bad accident which broke her hand and she had surgery to repair it.

 My next decision, to get vaccines I put off since July – the flu vaccine and the Omnicron vaccine.   Then I chose to schedule a manicure and finally my first teeth whitening. I am planning for one only.   

All these decisions have made me feel better and less burdened by long hours at work.  I also know I could not keep up the pace much longer and still be efficient.  I chose to share this as a blog post because it is important for all of us to take some time to care for ourselves. Sure, it is great to be busy, but it is not worth jeopardizing your sanity and health.   I am glad I saw this and chose to act.  If you find yourself in this spot, do consider making yourself slow down and take a breather.

Don’t Forget the Importance of Self-Care
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