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Dreamworks: Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts

Image Courtesy of DreamWorksTV

The world has changed and few humans live above ground instead they live below ground as burrow people.  Thereas above ground the rest of the species have evolved and mutated into either giants or develop human like abilities/characteristics.

 One day as the humans’ world comes under attack and they flee, a girl Kipo gets caught in a rush of water separating her from her father and her people. Finally she breaks free above ground where dangers and adventures ensue. Along the way Kip meets and hooks up with Wolf (a girl raised by wolves) Benson, another human and Dave, a bug (best buds and music/dance lovers) and Mandu (a four eyed blue pig) in her quest to find her father and people.

I have seen the first season and I have just begun the second season. This is a charming series and although the main focus of the series is Kipo we do get to know the other characters and learn their stories. As a result I came to care about all the characters just as much as I do for Kipo. I also found although there are side adventures fun too as well as the other animals and mutates the characters meet or face. I look forward to learning where Kip and the rest of the gang go next in their new quest to save Kipo’s Dad and her people from Scarlemagne, a humanoid ape who makes humans his slaves.

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