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Fantasy Video Game: Raid Shadow Legends

Raid Shadow Legends Trailer from their Youtube Channel

I have heard about Raid Shadow Legends from the Variant Comic Youtube Channel with ads for the game. The basics of it is a player gets heroes. They then go to battle to obtain coins, beer, weapons, armor, headgear, gauntlets, potions, and more. All these items can upgrade weapons and the level of the players. Another neat feature is combining heroes to boost a single player.

I like the graphics in the game and the look of the characters. A little weird is most of the heroes are smaller than the enemy they fight. There are three rounds of battle in each round of game play. To get the heroes to fight, a player clicks on the weapon or spell circle to the right of the screen, but one or two heroes can only do this at a time, which is at odds with the enemy, which consists of four creatures.

Another thing I like is a player can go back and repeat levels as I have done when I hit a wall with a round further along in the game. It lets me build up massive amounts of coins to increase significantly the items my heroes use. Once I took advantage of the auto feature to get through thirty rounds of battle as another means to rack up coins.
The last thing I like about the game is that the heroes have different attributes and are not cookie-cutter like other games, which I do not like. Overall this is a good game to play, and the time sometimes flies and other times not so much.

Fantasy Game Raid Shadow Legends
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