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Jaguar: A Netflix Drama set in 1960s Madrid, Spain

Jaguar: Netflix Drama – The trailer is courtesy of Netflix’s Youtube Channel

Waitress Isabel Garrido is the sole survivor of her family who was exterminated at Mauthausen during the Nazi’s reign of terror in Europe. Twenty years later she is on a mission to to kill the man who shot her father to death Otto Bachman and his fellow Nazis who have made Spain their home. Isabel plans to poison the meal she serves them at the restaurant where she works. Her plot is foiled when she sees the men eat their food without incident so she follows the group after they leave the restaurant to shoot them down in cold blood.

Unbeknownst to her she has been followed by a group of spies, other survivors like her, who work under an unknown entity who wants to capture these Nazis and bring them to trial for their deadly crimes. The group manages to foil her a second time however, Isabel is able to escape with a flesh wound until she returns home only to be knocked out without a fight.

She wakens to face Lucena who tests her and later asks her to join him and the other survivors in their group to capture not only Bachman but also Nazi doctor Aribert Heim who performed horrid experiments like injecting poison into the hearts of prisoners and performing surgery without anesthesia.

I saw the trailer for a similar series set in the 1970s on Amazon known as Watch Hunters but I thought from the trailer the group took too much glee in their efforts to stop Nazis in New York by any means necessary. In Jaguar I felt the premise more real and although fiction is based on fact. After the Nazi regime fell many powerful leaders and henchmen escaped to Latin American countries like Spain who had friendly dictators to their cause.

Each member of the group including Isabel is has their scars from the camps and having survived when millions did not. Yet they have the drive to do what they can to capture the guilty and bring them to justice before a Court of law just like Eichmann who got caught and went to trial in Israel.

I like the action in this series and that the show sticks to the premise, keeps it simple, and to the point without straying from it. This made for a very strong drama with very few flaws.

Jaguar: A Netflix Drama Set in 1960s Madrid
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