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John Lewis: The Last Interview and Other Conversations

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Since around March, I have been listening to audio-books because of a nasty concussion.   Recently, on and off, trying to read a magazine has become much easier.  My head does not spin, and my eyes are much more stable.  They do not go out of focus nearly as often as they used to.  I felt good about this and decided to go to the library and get a slender book to read.  I chose John Lewis: The Last Interview and other Conversations.

There are four interviews in all, starting with a trial transcript.  As I read it and thought about interviews later in Lewis’ life, I thought did the court clerk dumb down what Lewis said because of his race?  Or was it all the concussion he likely had at the time? Could it have been both?  

I know from a previous book I listened to about John Lewis. He went through all the grades in school and attended two universities. Lewis graduated from American Baptist Theological Seminary in Nashville, Tennessee, and was ordained as a Baptist minister.  Later he earned a bachelor’s degree in religion and philosophy from Fisk University.  Lewis spoke eloquently, and it came through how bright he was in each interview.  

The reader gets a good sense of who he was as he discusses how he became connected to the Civil Rights Movement, the training he got for sit-ins and marches to survive the beatings, and on into his days as a Congressional representative, and how he never failed to believe he could help make society better, not just for himself but everyone else too.

John Lewis: The Last Interview and Other Conversations
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