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Katla: A New Netflix Series Avail. to Stream Now

Katla: A New Netflix Series Avail. to Stream Now
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A volcano known as Katla has kept erupting for a year in the town of Vik. Many residents have left with only a few die-hard residents remaining. One of these residents Gríma lost her sister  Ása on the night Katla began to erupt. She and the rest of the residents went looking for her sister but could not find Asa. Eventually only Gríma kept looking for her sister and it would cause a mental breakdown. She is now on medication for depression and anxiety and has a husband Kjartan. Together they run a dairy farm.

Kjartan wishes his wife could feel less pain over the loss of her sister but Gríma cannot let go of  Ása  nor the pain from her mother’s suicide.

Her father Þór seems in better shape then his daughter. He acts as a mechanic in  Vik although he has no formal training. He is the first to notice something is off a day or so after he buries a dead crow with a white feather; he spots another crow also with a white feather.  Þór digs into the spot where he buried the first crow and finds the body so why is there another crow just like it?

Nearby at a scientific outpost two members of a team studying Katla find a naked woman with ash all over her body. While she suffers from hypothermia she does know her name Gunhild and she says she works at a hotel in town. She also claims to know  Þór. Emergency services get called and Gunhild gets taken to the hospital. Later on Þór sees her and he cannot believe his eyes. He sees the face of a woman he has not seen for twenty years. Her name too is Gunhild and she lives in Sweden with her son.

The police chief makes a call to Sweden to see if he can speak to Gunhild but her son answers and says she is out walking the dog. Eventually the Gunhild in Sweden does speak to the mysterious Gunhild in Vik and decides to go there to investigate.

And these two instances with Gunhild and Ása are not the only ones that take place in Vik. More strange occurrences take place. Some cause deep retrospection and others shake those in Vik to the core. The sci-fi mystery feeds into the human stories that run through the eight episodes and together blend well as well as adding to the drama. All these elements together make for an intriguing series.

Katla: A New Netflix Series Avail. to Stream Now
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