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Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Season 2 (Spoilers)

Kip and the Age of Wodnerbeasts Season 2

In season two of Kipo and the Wonderbeasts, the thirteen-year-old and her friends solve the clues her father Lio left in various places above ground. Although they find him, Scarlemagne quickly captures Lio and uses his pheromones to enchant/enslave him so Lio uses his scientific skills to produce large quantities of them. Meanwhile, Kipo and her friends work on a plan to free Lio and the other humans under Scarlemagne’s control but first Kipo has to solve the strange things that happen to her.

A few of these strange things include a stronger sense of smell, her eyes changing to cat eyes to see in the dark, her arms getting gigantic cat-like. This gets solved when Kipo and the others find a journal hidden in the apartment complex where her parents used to live. In it she finds out her parents Lio and Song are scientists who were working to unravel the mystery of the mutates and to cure the world of them. However, they get a change of heart during their work and decide instead to have their child. This child will be a bridge between humans and mutates and so Lio and Song add mega jaguar DNA to their child’s DNA.

Yet Lio and Song choose not to tell their scientific partners which include Dr. Emilia who it turns out was the right thing to do. Dr. Emilia is hell-bent on not only finding what makes animals mutate and gain human abilities she also wants to “destroy” them through a cure. There is no middle ground with her.

Around the same time Song is pregnant with Kipo, she and Lio are working with a primate named Hugo would becomes Scarlemagne. Most of his behavior is anger toward Lio and Song for abandoning him soon after Kipo’s birth and why he feels he must conquer humans and mutate kind.

The world-building from season one keeps going in season two and gets even better. I also did not feel the series dragged in season two at all. I zipped through the season I could not get enough. Now I am into season three which is dragging a little which I hope stops as I want to see if Dr. Emilia can be stopped and if Kipo’s dream of humans and mutates getting along can happen.

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Season 2 (Spoilers)
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