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Marvel What If Episode Four: Dr. Strange (Spoilers)

Marvel What If Episode Four Trailer Courtesy of Screen Culture You Tube Channel

This episode explores what if Dr. Strange did not have his hands mangled in the car crash but tragically lost Christine. The pain of her loss makes Stephen travel the world and eventually, he learns magic from the Ancient one. He becomes proficient and fights many battles including defeating Dormammu as he did in the film.

Despite these successes, Stephen still desires to bring back Christine. One day while sitting in the sanctum sanctorum, he looks at the Eye of Agamotto, and Wong, who is standing nearby, reads Strange’s mind and says, “If he does that spell, he is doing something dangerous.”

Stephen does not listen and uses the Eye of Agamotto repeatedly to prevent Christine from dying, and he cannot do it. It makes him angry, and at that moment, the Ancient One visits him and tries to convince him that he needs to let Christine go. If Stephen went against time and brought her back from the dead, their universe will die. However, Stephen refuses to listen to the Ancient One and so he goes on a quest for more magical power so he can undo Christine’s death once and for all.

By the end of the episode, Stephen succeeds in bringing back Christine. However, the Ancient One’s prediction that he would also kill his universe occurs. Stephen spots the Watcher, who has observed his actions, and begs and pleads for the Watcher to spare everyone but him. The Watcher tells Stephen he cannot and will not intervene.

Wow! This episode is my second favorite episode T’Challa as Star-Lord. Yes, the Ancient One meant well trying to split Stephen in half (evil and good version) and hopes that the good Stephen could stop the other. I liked seeing this plays out even with the tragic ending. The way it all plays out is so so good.

Marvel’s What If Series Episode Four: Dr. Strange (Spoilers)
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