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Marvel’s She-Hulk Airing Thursdays on Disney+

She-Hulk Trailer from Marvel Entertainment’s Youtube Channel

I saw two episodes of Marvel’s She-Hulk, and I find it quirky. In the first episode, Jennifer catches up with her cousin Bruce as they go for a drive, then a spacecraft hits the car from the front causing it to roll over. Both Bruce and Jennifer get cuts, his blood mixes with hers, and she soon becomes a Hulk not long after freeing herself and her cousin from the crashed car.

The remainder of the first episode is Bruce trying to teach his cousin to be a Hulk, but Jennifer has a lot down without trying. Unlike him, she did not lose her personality nor become overcome with rage. She can turn back and forth from human to Hulk quickly. The only thing Jennifer does not want to do is be a hero, which Bruce would like her to embrace.

In the next episode, Jennifer gets sacked for turning into She-Hulk to save lives from Titania, who attempts to harm people in a packed courtroom.

I did like seeing Mark Linn-Baker (from Perfect Strangers) after all these years as Jennifer’s Dad and how he supports her even with being another Hulk, minus destroying a city like Bruce did.

She-Hulk makes me smile but not laugh. Perhaps in episode three or four, I may hear a funny line, but for now, I am content with the fourth wall breaking, the CGI, and getting good doses of Jennifer with her cousin. As for the action, it’s okay. Poor baddie Titania did not get much screen time, although it looks like we will get plenty of Blonksy, aka Abomination. Maybe the show will get better, maybe not; however, I am content enough to see all the episodes.

Marvel’s She-Hulk Airing Thursdays on Disney+
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