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Marvel’s What If Episode 2: T’Challa as Star Lord (Spoilers)

Marvel’s What If Episode 2 Trailer from Sir Marvel’s Youtube Page

As sad as it is to have lost Chadwick Boseman hearing his voice again in the Marvel What If Episode 2 felt good. And the story line we got with T’Challa is great! His turn as Star Lord is wonderful and this episode is a huge improvement over episode 1 by miles. I wish Marvel led with this instead of Captain Britain but they run the company not me so it is what it is.

Now to the episode details. The young T’Challa loves his land but he wants so much to explore beyond his realm. One day Yondu asks two of his crew to find Peter Quill, the son of a Celestial, he badly wants. Instead they bring him T’Challa who looks nothing like Peter Quill. However, Yondu does not make them bring the boy back to his kingdom, and instead convinces the boy he cannot be returned because his home land got ravaged.

Many years later T’Challa has done a lot for the galaxy. He helped to save Drax’s life and home from the Kree invasion, he manages to convince Thanos there are other ways to meet his goals, and all this while still going around the galaxy with the Ravagers taking from the rich and giving to the poor.

The latest heist is to take on the Collector and relieve him of some of the Embers of Genesis. This episode is loads of fun, very thrilling, and makes me grin from ear to ear. I sure hope the rest of the series has episodes like this and the first one with Captain Britain was just a blip.

Marvel’s What If Series Episode Two T’Challa is Star Lord (Spoilers)
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