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Marvel’s What If Series Episode One (Spoilers)

Marvel’s What If Series Official Trailer from Marvel Entertainment’s Youtube Channel

I saw the first episode of Marvel’s What If Series where Peggy Carter not Steve Rogers gets the super soldier serum. The switch occurs after Steve is shot at the same time a bomb goes off in a scientific room where the treatment will occur. Howard Stark tells all who are still alive that the machines will not function longer and that the treatment must happen now.

Peggy steps forward much to the chagrin of Colonel Flynn and goes through the treatment which is a success. However, Colonel Flynn refuses to accept Peggy as his super soldier but with Howard Starks help together they change Flynn’s mind. At the same time Steve recovers from being shot and he becomes Iron Man like with is own huge suite. The rest of the episode pretty much recaps Captain America: The First Avenger. There are a few minor changes including Bucky not getting captured and a giant octopus coming out of a portal that was not in The First Avenger movie.

This is a decent episode. I do not think it broke new ground . I wish Marvel chose boldness with this first episode and not make slight changes. I will post another review of this series after I see the second episode. Here is hoping its better.

Marvel’s What If Series Episode One (Spoilers)
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