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Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur on Disney+

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Recently I spotted Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur on Disney+.  Genuis 13-year-old Lunella Lafayette thinks the world of a missing female scientist. So much so, she gets her machine and other equipment and houses it below her family’s Lower East Side New York apartment building, where she slowly works on it and hopes to find out just what it does. 

When Lunella does activate the machine, a portal opens and a big red Tyrannosaurus Rex comes through and terrifies the teenager.  However, she soon finds the Rex is as gentle and he likes her.   The two bond and, before long, with the encouragement of a new friend. 

Casey Calderon, Lunella and Devil Dinosaur, become heroes and learn things about each other as they navigate the world around them.  Outside their superhero deeds, Lunella is an ernest student, a hard worker, and is tight with her family, who runs a roller-skating rink that is popular in her neighborhood.  

I love Lunella! Her intellect, skill, and savvy.  She makes a few foolish errors and, although it may hurt for a few seconds, she is willing to learn from her mistakes. I also love the animation, the music, the story telling, and that no character, including the bad guys, are not cookie cutter. They each get a foundation and backstory.  I sure hope this amazing series gets more than 2 seasons.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur on Disney+
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