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Netflix Series: The Blackspace Season One

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Students at Heritage High School have come together for two different commemoration ceremonies. During one of them, a few people enter wearing unicorn masks and immediately begin to shoot at those gathered. By the end of the rampage, four students are shot to death and many others injured.

Special Investigations detective Rami David gets a text alert as he gets ready to leave the eye doctor about the shooting.

Years ago he went to Heritage when it was known as Ben Gurion. During eleventh grade a few students beat him up and he lost an eye. This event marks him all these years later and contributes to his cold manner.

As the shooting ends, he and other officers enter the school and slowly go through the building to locate any further danger. Finding no more danger, paramedics get to work on the wounded living while the forensic team gathers evidence and handles the dead. Soon the officers find and capture four Palestinians on the roof of the school. Next, police officials tell the media that these are the main suspects. Yet nothing gets found to tie them to the deadly shooting, not the guns nor the unicorn masks worn by the killers. David tries to convince his commanding officer that they need to let their suspects go because no evidence exists linking them to the crime.

Instead, he believes a few students are behind the deadly attack. His commanding officer disagrees. So David decides to reveal his theory in an assembly with the students, school staff, and local politicians to force the release to the Palestinians. This gets David in hot water but not off the case. However, he must work with a youth investigator Morgan Schmuel.

The other storyline in season one is David and his wife Miri. She is pregnant with their first child. Miri looks forward to becoming a mom whereas David feels the opposite. He does not want to be a father and feels forced into fatherhood. Part of this feeling comes from the negative culture he grew up in when he was young.

And just like his younger days, the school cliques remain, and one of the worst ones is led by Tom who decides which students belong and which do not. Also, he has a mean streak where he does not hesitate to inflict physical harm on someone else.

I made it through an entire afternoon and evening. I found it tense, engaging, and dramatic. The show does have a few flaws yet I feel these are not enough to ruin it.

Netflix Series: The Blackspace Season One
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