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Netflix’s The Sandman: Morpheus

The Sandman on Netflix trailer from Netlfix’s Youtube Channel

I chose to wait for season two if Netflix decided to renew The Sandman to tell my thoughts on both seasons and what I hope would be the growth of the actor playing the main character – Morpheus (Tom Sturridge). Then I heard about a bonus episode split between animation and going to the live characters. I finally like Morpheus. The lack of facial expression and vibes the actor gave off made me feel on the fence about him compared to the actors around him. The only time when Morpheus went to Hell and Sturridge got swapped with another actor did I perked up to the character.

However, in the bonus episode, once Morpheus is with Calliope, then I start to feel I like him, and by the time he gets to work feeding Richard Madoc too many ideas, so many he injures his hands so he can write things down in his blood.

Thank you, Netflix, for the bonus episode, the two actors, Tom Sturridge and Melissanthi Mahut, and the writers for making me a fan of the title character.

Netflix’s The Sandman :Morpheus
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