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Open Your Eyes: Season One Avail on Netflix (Light Spoilers)

Open Your Eyes: Netflix Trailer courtesy of the Netflix Youtube Channel

A teenage girl wakes from a coma to find herself in a facility that treats patients who have amnesia. The resident psychologist and her staff use therapy sessions, medications, and urge those they treat to harness a skill or talent to rebuild their lives.

However, the teenage girl is skeptical of the facility almost from the start. The psychologist and staff do not tell anyone including her with details about their lives. Instead each patient must through the regime they are given remember on their own. The only reminders a patient gets of what he or she recalls gets played back each morning when their black box alarm goes off to wake them up.

The teenage girl tries to go along with her treatment but her gut instincts and an eerie girl’s voice that refers to her as Karolina or gives her instructions that lead her to find out the facility is not all it seems causes conflict in the girl. At first the teenager who eventually recalls her name is Julia (for a while at least) takes higher doses of her medications to try to block out the voice in her head. However, it does not stop and as Julia’s fears for herself and others in the facility increases she tries to rope the few friends she has made in the facility to investigate with her.

Some doubt her and call her crazy and others come to believe Julia is right about the facility.  (Mysterious cubed server, harsh punishment to any patient that does not obey the rules etc.) Then the last two episodes occur and things turn out not be as they seem. Julia it turns out is really Karolina and she is a natural piano prodigy however, this talent gets taken away and given to someone else. And it turns out the facility is not meant to help people with amnesia but rather to give the talents from one person to another by using an electronic cap.

I like many of the episodes however, the last one not so much and the ending twist I feel is disappointing. Instead of being climatic and exciting it felt like a let down. The last episode closes with Karolina choosing to go back to the facility. If Netflix renews this series I doubt I will tune unless I learn there are major improvements to this mystery/drama series.

Open Your Eyes Series Avail on Netflix (Light Spoilers)
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