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Replacements: The Bad Batch Episode 3

The Batch travel by warp speed in their ship while Echo continues to make repairs while Tech works on a device to test and turn off their brain chips. Then suddenly the ship loses power and Tech orders the others to buckle in for a crash landing on a moon. While this happens Wrecker hits his head hard and complains about it for most of the remaining time in the episode.

Meantime Crosshair is given command of élite soldiers to complete the mission his old team did not complete. They land on Onderon and take out the rebels. However, one of the élites commands the others to not shoot the non-combatants and they agree except for Crosshair who shoots the soldier to make the point they must obey orders in their entirety. The remaining élite soldiers step into line and shoot the non-combatants. Back at base, Admiral Tarkin decides the clones will continue until the élite soldiers have enough training to take over for them.

Back on the moon, the batch fixes their ship however, an Ordo Moon Dragon steals the one part they need to fly their ship. Hunter and Omega go after the creature but Hunter goes down when his breathing mask gets knocked off. While he is out Omega takes his blaster and a flashlight and tracks the creature to its underground haven. She figures out that it likes the light of her flashlight so she tosses it to the creature to take its attention away from her so she can take back the crucial ship part.

The episode ends with Wrecker showing Omega the small space he created so she can have space for herself. The little girl is overjoyed and thanks Wrecker for his kind act. Soon afterward the Batch takes off in their ship to resume their journey.

This is a good episode that further develops the growing bond between the Batch and Omega. And also shows the Empire using peace to increase their power and strength by improving their soldiers and increasing their numbers. I have heard two theories that the hit Wrecker took to his head may cause his chip to activate and he turns on the others much like Crosshair did. I did have this thought but given how Wrecker seems when he shows Omega her space he may just have made a recovery. Or maybe the chip will slowly change him in which case Tech better have his device working asap. The answer may come in episode four or perhaps it will build slowly and come closer to the end of the first season at episode sixteen. Time will tell.

Replacements: The Bad Batch Episode 3
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