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Review of Paramount+ show School Spirits

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High school student, Maddie Nears, does not have a perfect life. Her father died when she was young, and her mother continues to struggle with alcohol addiction.   More often than not, Maddie is the one pulling her mother together and taking care of her when Maddie wants her mother to have that role. On the plus side, she has close friends Simon Elroy and Nichole Herrera by her side through thick and thin, and she gets good grades in school.  Her dream upon graduation is to use her inheritance from her father to go to college in Chicago with her friends.  Until things radically change for her.   

Maddie wakes in the boiler room of her high school and cannot recall how she got there.  She makes her way out and, to her horror, finds out she is no longer in the human world but the spirit world and, to make things worse, she cannot leave her high school grounds.

Eventually, Maddie comes around to the idea she has been murdered, and it is up to her to solve the crime.  However, Mr. Martin, a deceased teacher who leads a group of spirit students, feels she must join them in therapy sessions to come to terms with her death.  Maddie fights it and resolves to get them to help her by helping them face the circumstances around their own deaths or murders at the same school.   The only other contact Maddie has is with Simon, who somehow can interact with her spirit.  It is through him that she has Nichole, her boyfriend, and a head cheerleader investigating among the living. 

There are numerous suspects and each one gets eliminated until, in the last episode, there is a huge surprise.  I won’t reveal what it is, but I will write that it did improve my feelings about this series a bunch. Further, I found out School Spirits has been renewed by Paramount+, and I will tune in as soon as the network allows Netflix to air it.   

Review of Paramount+ show School Spirits
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