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Review of the Audio book Hologram for a King

54 year old Allen Clay is in Saudi Arabia hoping he and three computer software experts can sell hologram technology to the King.  If this happens, it would mean the world to Allen.  He’d pay off his debt, pay off his ex-wife and pay for his kid’s college tuition with enough money left for himself.  The only thing is that they are stuck in a tent with no wifi, food and air conditioning.  If only the business people who act as a conduit to the King could give better information on when the issues would get solved and presentation time.  

Yet here Clay is, a sales agent who long ago had lots of success until the Schwinn Bike Company account he handled nose dived, along with his personal life.  He has tried many times to recover and be the sales agent he had been or better, but alas, it aludes him.  The hologram presentation is his last chance to recover.  Only as Clay’s stay gets longer and longer in Saudi Arabia does he end up re-evaluating his life, his choices, and learns that perhaps the hologram is not the key to mending his life but is in himself.  

It took me a while a while for the book to hook me, but when it did I found it to be a good audio book to listen to, which can be completed in an afternoon.

Review of the Audio Book Hologram for a King
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