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Review of the Audio Version – Autobiography of Mark Twain Vol 3

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The third volume of The Autobiography of Mark Twain was created from March 1907 to December 1909.   Like the first two volumes, Twain keeps the conversational dictations going that were recorded by either Twain or a stenographer. 

I am a fan of the way Twain did his autobiography and I do not mind that he did not keep it chronological.  More than once I laughed so hard I cried at Twain’s stories, he made me think about a few topics he got  philosophical about, he shared his love of family, and so much more of his private and public self. 

  Volume 3 finishes in three parts.  First are Twain’s closing words about his daughter Jean, who died on Christmas Eve 1909; next, a previously unpublished manuscript known as the The Ashcroft-Lyon Affair, where Twain writes to a dear friend about his two secretaries taking advantage of him before shifting to his thoughts on two explorers finding Antartica.  

The effort that was put into making the three volumes of The Autobiography of Mark Twain is remarkable and impressive to me. Also, Grover Gardner, who reads it, brings Twain to life through is narrative.  I am very glad that my friend Tori told me about these books.

Review of Audio Version of the Autobiography of Mark Twain Volumes 3
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