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Rewrite: If I Could Have Three Wishes

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Image by Vicki Nunn from Pixabay
Image by Vicki Nunn from Pixabay

This is a rewrite of a short story I wrote thirty years ago.

If I got to have three wishes, I wouldn’t wish for rubies, diamonds, or lots of money. My first wish to have a photo taken with right fielder Darryl Strawberry of the New York Mets.

What about the remaining wishes? Let me consider this for a few minutes. Perhaps becoming a great artist like Degas or Rembrandt or a more earthly wish becoming a children’s book author. No, how about becoming a flute player like James Galway; except this needs to be earned.

Okay, my first wish having a photo with Darryl Strawberry. It seems reasonable. I can’t afford a ticket with my allowance and I don’t see my parents wanting to spend lots of time and money getting me to Queens and Shea Stadium.

Now to my two remaining wishes. What should I choose? I could become a teacher for the deaf as I find Anne Sullivan’s work with Helen Keller inspiring. Yet, I believe I will take a pass on these two wishes as I do not like short cuts.

Alright I won’t take short cuts except for the photo with Darryl Strawberry. What can I use for the remaining two wishes? How about wishing for a great flute instructor; one that makes sure I do the hard work? Yes I like this wish.

My third wish to be helpful like my Mom. I admire her work with Contact We Care and I would like to follow her example.

Okay, I think these three wishes are reasonable and good choices. The first wish yes I know is a short cut and the other two I think are supportive wishes to reach a goal.

Rewrite of My Short Story If I Could Have Three Wishes

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