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Ruminate Central: The Volt Charger Pack Blues

My Chevy Volt Image taken on my Iphone

The charger for my hybrid car is driving me batty.   For the last couple months I have not been able to charge my car at home.  My car is a hybrid meaning it can run on a full electric charge with the battery or run on gasoline. 

  I had an electrician put in a separate circuit in the house from the main breaker for the car but it did not work for long.  So I had the dealership where I bought the car test the charger with the car in April and they told me it works as it should.    Then I got sick and it took me about a month to get back to the car.  I had the heater fixed before it got cooler.  The car needed a new heat pump otherwise no matter how high I raise the heat in the car it would keep blowing cold air. 

Fast forward to Thursday and I try to charge my car with the charger pack in my Dad’s garage to test the end going into an electric socket and the other end to my car.   I did not get past the electric socket. The charger light tripped from green to red in seconds. 

Yesterday I took the charger pack to work and only tested the end that plugs into a socket.   It kept tripping.   So I phoned the dealership and reported the issue and someone in the service department said since they have a record of the charger pack being good, they will have to re-test it to see if its bad in which case  it’s covered under warranty. I thought about it some more and chose test the charger pack here once more.  I plugged it in and about two hours later the light stayed green so I plugged in the car with the other end of the charger pack.  I will keep an eye on it and see what happens until I go to bed.  I plan to take it for one more test at the home of someone I know. 

This morning the charger pack appeared red and the car did not charge. So I took my car to the home of a person I know and the charger pack tripped right away. Now I feel there is no doubt about the charger being bad. It’s just I kick myself for not asking that the dealership re-test the charger at the same time they replaced the heat pump. Now I will have to call between now and late October (2nd appointment) to ask about a cancellation or I might cave and buy a new charger pack on my own. ** Update I got the date of the second appointment wrong, I was able to get a new charger(under warranty) toward the end of September and it works great!

The Volt Charger Pack Blues
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