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Stranger Things: My Thoughts on Season Three

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The last time I saw Stranger Things, Hooper left food in a box for Eleven hoping she would come out of hiding in the woods. I took my break waiting for season three and got happy last year when I saw a sneak peek of Hooper in Moscow. Until recently, I did not realize season four has not come out yet. Thankfully it may air later this year, so I took the opportunity to watch all of season three.

I do admit early on when Billy got taken over by the Mind Flayer I thought he got his just desserts. He treats Max like garbage, hits on women left and right, shags them, and only gets put in his place by his father who is no better than him. However, I did start to feel pity for him as Eleven got in his head and saw his past. His feelings for his Mom, surfing, the anger at his father for beating her and so much more. So that toward the end of season three I felt bad for Billy.
The things the Mind flayer got him to do and using the Demogorgon who takes over person after person to use as minions. Later these people melt and form a giant flesh spider-like monster with layers of sharp teeth and can create heads on each leg to attack whoever gets in its wake.
I like this season got broken up from the danger of the mind flayer, the Demogorgon, and the Russians by kids we have come to know from season one. Mike and Eleven have fallen for each other and drive Hooper up the wall with their kissing sessions. Next to get together are on and off again Lucas and Max. Also, Dustin met Susy during camp, and after camp ended, he keeps talking to her through the radio.

Older kids Karen and Mike’s older brother Will are in love while Steve strives to find a new girlfriend only to keep striking out. It likely does not help him wear a sailor’s uniform at his job scooping ice cream. Nor to have his co-worker Robin poke fun at him for his failure to catch the ladies.

The mix of teenage hormones and love did well to break up the dangerous and deadly aspects of the third season. I also think the show thus far keeps the same quality as the first two seasons. And I have a good feeling season four will be on par as well. Finger’s crossed.

Stranger Things: My Thoughts on Season Three
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