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The Iron Horse by Edward Marston

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Robert Colbeck, dubbed the Railway Detective by the newspapers, is investigating another murder.   As a train was being unloaded, a hatbox falls from the hands of a porter and shocks all nearby when it pops open on impact to reveal a severed head.  Who would want to transport such a deadly message in a fancy hat box? And who was it meant to scare?  

Soon, Colbeck and Leeming find out the hat box was stolen and it just so happens the buyer has a horse that will run in the Debry.  They realize that the severed head has to be connected.  This is the fourth book I have read in the series I have read.  The story flows well and I became hooked. However, toward the end, I began to feel the story dragged a bit. Luckily, the story picked back up speed and ended with a thrilling conclusion.

The Iron Horse by Edward Marston
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