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The Mitchells vs the Machines on Netflix

Mark Bowman (Eric Andre’) is the head of a tech company who made Pal a female voiced artificial intelligence program available on all hi tech cell phones. It acts as the most helpful electronic source of information and entertainment which he and the rest of the world depend on.

One day Mark decides to upgrade Pal and put it in the bodies of robots with faces like screens. In the process he crosses the original Pal who becomes very upset with her maker. She rewrites the programming of the robots and begins the robot apocalypse to trap and rid the planet of all humans. Her plan goes off effectively until her robot minions come face to face with the Mitchells.

Katie (Abbie Jacobson) and her father Rick (Danny McBride) began to clash with one another as she got older breaking the father-daughter bond they once had. And at the start of the film she is getting ready to head to California and film school. Only the day of her flight she comes to find out her parents chose to change her plans and now all of them will hit the road together.

When the family stops at a dinosaur attraction they come face to face with the Pal robots and are forced to come together to stop the robot apocalypse.

The Mitchell vs the Machines is funny, feel good, and action packed. I really had a blast watching the film and like an addition part in the credits where the viewer gets to see some of film team and actors in photos with their real families.

The Mitchells vs the Machines
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