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The Original Cowboy Bebop Series

Original Cowboy Bebop Trailer from IGN Movie Trailers Youtube Channel

Nearly two decades ago I saw Cowboy Bebop and fell head over heals for it. I thought it slick, funny, and dramatic – all blended together into a wacky action/cowboy/space adventure series. I consumed episode after episode until one day it was off the television stations. Until the live action version came out on Netflix I did not consider going back to the original.

My mind changed when I began to hear the reviews for the live action show. Most of the reviewers say it is a mixed bag and all of them prefer the original series over the new one. So I have chosen to re-watch the original Cowboy Bebop from the beginning and then give the live action series a try. I think the trailer for the live action show is slick and how the living actors look compared to the OG characters is spot on.

Today I took in the first two episodes of the original series but instead of English dubbing I chose to go with the original Japanese. Asteroid Blues begins with lean muscled and bare-chested Spike Spiegel practicing his fighting moves in his quarters while Jet Black cooks breakfast which is Special Beef with Bell Peppers. Spike likes the dish very much except on this particular morning the beef is missing. Most of the bounty money Spike and Jet had unfortunately got used up in ship repairs and paying for the medical treatment of a police offer Spike injured on the job leaving no funds to buy things like beef.

In order to get a chance at buying beef for the next day’s breakfast Spike takes another bounty to catch Asimov aka the Red Eyed Coyote who murdered most of his former syndicate members and stole a cache of a combat drug known as Blood Eye. Joining Asimov on the run is his girlfriend Katrina who dreams of a new life with her love on Mars. However, they first have to neutralize the syndicate target on their backs for stealing the Blood Eye and bounty hunters like Spike.

The second episode has Spike chasing Abdul Hakim who stole a valuable lab animal. To make it harder for someone to catch him, Abdul undergoes surgery to alter his appearance. However, the surgeon is none to happy with the beating Abdul gave him so willing shares Abdul’s new look with Spike and asks in return that Abdul get a good beating.

So much goodness in these two episodes and I could easily binge all 26 episodes but I am making myself slow down. I plan to stick to one or two episodes at a time than once I finish, as I wrote at the beginning of this review, I will go back and try to watch the live action Bebop.

The Original Cowboy Bebop Series
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