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The Witcher Series will Change: I can handle this I think.

The movie trailer for The Most Dangerous Game from One Media’s YouTube Channel

Dear Diary,

On Saturday, October 29th, sad news arrived on the Internet – Henry Cavill’s run as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher will end after season three.  I wanted to send a text to videographer Wes who watches the program like I do, but I don’t have his cell phone number, but I do have the number of a mutual friend.  So I sent a text to Andrew instead.  You see, I felt I needed to process this event right away and the sites I usually visit are Cinemablend, ScreenRant and ComingSoon.Net did not have much to say yet.  I could have waited until Monday but I did not want to.So I sent a text to Andew. He replied back and I sent a reply. We sent a couple more texts back and forth, then I felt better.

​Since that day, numerous articles have appeared online and I have read a bunch of them.  Most speculate the writers of the show turned away from the Witcher books and this got under the actor’s skin, so when the end of his three-year contract came closer he chose not to renew it.  Others think The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson (they apparently have the same agent) insisted Cavill make a cameo in Black Adam. Combined with James Gunn and Peter Safren to jointly head DC meant Cavill’s Superman long awaited Superman Two could go into development.  

All of this is understandable.  Cavill has not hid his love of Superman and given all the drama around the Justice League and the treatment of Zach Snyder plus the wrong moves by Whedon, one could easily say Johnson, Gunn and Safren saved the day and the studio.

Another thought I have read about is Cavill’s schedule is filling up rapidly ( Squadrun 4,Highlander, The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare. The Rosie Project, and perhaps an Enola Holmes 3, is making its way on to his schedule; something must go.  It would make sense The Witcher got chosen given how quickly the fourth season is suspected to start filming and the time-consuming schedule.  

I have liked Cavill in The Witcher but I I did not particularly like how Season 2 ended.  Whatever the reason he left, one thing or a lot, I have to let the matter go.   I do admit I am not sure about Liam Hemsworth taking Cavill’s place. The way I know him is from publicity shots with his brothers Chris and Luke, his time dating Miley Cyrus, the Hunger Games Series trailers and the Most Wanted movie trailer. The last few trailers did not make much of an impression.  Maybe things will go well and the series goes on past season four or it ends.  The only way to tell is to give Liam a try and watch season four of The Witcher.  

The Witcher Series Changes I can handle this I think
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