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Time to Learn a New Skill – How to Stay Calm

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Lately, depression, pressure, anxiety and fear have piled on me.  Last Friday it manifested itself at work. I had to do an Acord.  It is a type of insurance form that lists specific coverage that a company policy has. Each form is specific to a different area of a company policy. Sometimes one or two types of Acord forms are enough, but other times there can be as many as four different forms.    If I am lucky, a company does an Acord for me automatically or emails it to me and I email the copy to the client.  Another twist to an Acord is that it can also be used as an application to request insurance coverage from a carrier.

 A company I am the agent for needed two Acords by the end of the day. I wanted to go home, but I had to stay in the office and solve this. I did research online on how to do the form. My Dad did his own research.  I also left a message for the underwriter of the policy to see if he knew how to do the form.  The research and a call back from the underwriter got the form completed. 

I have decided to stop what is going on with me. I will tap into an ability my Mom had which she gained from her parents. She could deflate her anger, regain her calm, and then solve whatever it is that needs solving. I wish I could go to her and ask for tips.  Unfortunately, over the last thirteen years, a cognitive impairment that developed into Alzheimer’s has changed who my Mom is and put to sleep other aspects of who she was.  

I began meditation and breathing exercises and added in walking in the fresh air.   I am doing self-talk as well and, eventually, the skill will form. As for the Acord part I signed up for a course to learn them and over the course of this week I am slowly coming to understand them.

Time to Learn a New Skill – How to Stay Calm
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